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News icon 27.09.07
Where and when is the next extreme marathon Delco is going to cycle?

In an interview for the Macedonian national newspaper Vreme, Delco was asked where would the next destination be?

Tour d'Asia!? ||||Tour d'USA!? ||||Tour d'Macedonia!?

After being quiet for a moment, Delco shortly answered:

"I'm not really sure... Maybe the next route is going to be from Switzerland to the Olympics in Peking... maybe Tour d'USA, or maybe... I have to put a lot of thinking in the next couple months because these marathons are requiring a lot of financial materials, and that is the first thing to be done after planning the route... but whenever and wherever me and my team decide to go... I'm ready!"

Delco also stated that he is interested in cycling entire Macedonia, doing a marathon he would call Tour d'Macedonia, where he is going to cycle around the country and stop by in the cities and donate bikes to the cycling teams. The bikes would be previously gathered from various people that would like to donate their old bikes and those same ones will be refurbished by Delco and his team.

No matter how long the decision for the next destination is going to take, Delco is going to continue with his hard training, which in the winter concentrate on cycling on a static bike.

After the marathon in 2004 Delco proved to his friends and family that what they called "impossible" can be made possible. With the marathon Tour d'Europe 2007 his campaign concentrated on Macedonia and Switzerland and the encouragement of the people in those two countries. Certainly... the campaign for the next extreme marathon is going to be concentrated on broader public, on encouraging people around the entire world and spreading the amazing story of Delco Angelov even further...