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Map of the Tour d'Europe 2004 marathon

Details for Tour d'Europe 2004:

Delco Angelov cycled Tour d'Europe 2004 alone on the road, only with two bags on his bicycle and slept in hotels and motels on the way.

Around Europe - 14 countries:
Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Germany.

Cycled 10,095 km in 37 days.

37 days
Started: March 10, 2004
Ended: April 15, 2004

Pictures from Tour d'Europe 2004

After cycling for almost 6 years on couple races and marathons, 54 year-old Delco Angelov decided to take his short cycling career to the next level - to cycle through 14 European countries passing a route of 10,095 km.

Delco's inspiration for this marathon was to prove that things can be accomplished if you really want them and believe in yourself... and that we should not limit ourselves to anything. He especially wanted to get people inspired to start cycling or at least participate in any other sport and keep their body, mind and spirit healthy and optimistic and use Delco - the man that once weighted around 100 kg and had problems with cholesterol and blood pressure as an example that they can succeed.

Because this marathon seemed impossible to many, even close friends and family of Delco, he got even more motivated and decided to prove them wrong and started the marathon On March 10th, and went alone on this extreme route, accompanied only by two bags on his bicycle in which he carried his cell phone, passport and money. He spent nights in motels and hotels on the road (his route was specially created that on the end of every day he will finish near by some place where he can stay overnight.)

In only 37 days Delco Angelov managed to cycle through 14 European countries and to create a new world record in recreational marathon cycling. Delco's cycled average of 273 km per day.