Champion of Europe
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Map of the Tour d'Europe 2007 marathon

Details for Tour d'Europe 2007:

Around Europe - 25 countries:
Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, France, Andora, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

Passed around 18.000 km for 55 days from which actively cycled were 13.607 km for 50 days.

55 days (50 days of active cycling)
Started: May 17, 2007
Ended: July 9, 2007

Pictures from Tour d'Europe 2007

After the successful Tour d’Europe 2004 marathon –– Delco Angelov decided that it is time for a new challenge. Delco’s mission was to accomplish something that nobody has ever done before, to cycle a route around the entire territory of Europe… Shortly, after careful planning with his team members, the exact route of the upcoming marathon was established. It included passing through 25 European countries and cycling total of 14,000 kilometers.  It was assumed that if Delco cycled an average of around 280 km per day, the marathon would be finished in only 50 days.

Having such an extreme marathon to cycle, Delco started his official training for Tour d’Europe 2007 in August, 2006. His training included indoor and outdoor cycling, as well as strict diet. During these training periods, Delco cycled one-day marathons around Italy (315 km) and around Hungary (320 km). On couple occasions, he cycled the distance from his home in Tafers to Lake Geneva in Switzerland (300 km). He also cycled a marathon on the Alps – Tour d’Alps 2006 – where he passed 1,397 kilometers in only 8 days, on a total altitude of 26,360 meters.

After the “lonely” marathon in 2004, where Delco was on the road by himself with only two bags, this time, couple of his team members joined him on the tour. This marathon got an bigger marketing campaign and promotion than the first one, and therefore, the story of Delco Angelov spread throughout the world very fast. He received interview invitations from a large number of newspapers, radio and television stations. On the question what makes him risk his life, large financial resources and a lot of his time by doing something like this extreme marathon, Delco Angelov proudly answered:

“I don’t care what the cost of this marathon is going to be…  I love cycling and, in one way or another, I will cycle this marathon and prove to the world that what it seems impossible can be possible. I also want to encourage the youth to avoid using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, and to inspire them to start cycling or start playing any other sport. In that way, they will improve their health and their body spirit.”

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After almost a year of hard training, the marathon started on May 17th. Delco took off from his house in Tafers, Switzerland, and as the days were passing, Delco was going through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, ultimately passing through his home country - Macedonia. There, at the border and afterwards in the nearby city of Kumanovo, he was welcomed by a large group of people and a special event was organized in his honor. The event consisted of music, dancing, and speeches of encouragement by the President of the Macedonian Cycling Federation and the Mayor of the second largest city in Macedonia. All of this had a single purpose of praising Delco's gesture and supporting him on the way to a successful finish of his marathon.

Passing through Macedonia, Delco cycled Greece and after crossing the sea, he cycled the entire cost of Italy. Upon entering into France, near Marseille unfortunate event happened – Delco and his team, while sleeping in the RV were robbed by unknown group of criminals. Most of the money they were carrying was taken, digital cameras and cell phones also. After this, Delco was under a lot of stress and thinking – should the marathon continue or should it be stopped due to this unfortunate event and lack of money?

After a lot of thinking, the decision was made – no matter what, this marathon will continue and Delco felt like this is the perfect chance to show to the people that they should not give up no matter what happens…
Delco Angelov, cycling average of 272 km per day, cycled the rest of his route, even passed entire Norway and cycle through the Arctic Polar Circle where it was very hard to establish when to sleep and when to cycle due to the 24 hour daylight that is present there.

Afterwards, as Delco was passing Central Europe, bad weather condition occurred and a lot of rain and strong winds is what Delco found cycling through Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Slovakia. Even the bad weather as the robbery that happened in France, or the injury Delco had after he felt in Monte Carlo, or the countless times he was barely hit by a car did not stopped Delco Angelov from succeeding, establishing new world record in recreational marathon cycling, becoming the ultimate “Champion of Europe”, and proving to the world that “impossible is nothing.”

Interesting facts about the marathon:
- 4,000 liters (4 t) of gas were used for the vehicle that followed Delco
- 25 kgs of shpagetti was eaten by Delco
- Delco cycled average of 272 km per day

- Delco couldn't cycle more then 1 km when he first started
- Preparations were made on the Alps in 2006, were Delco cycled 1.397 km in 8 days, on total altitude of 26.360
- On the polar cirle in north Norway there was no night at all, it was day 24 hours
- Delco is 54 years old, and started cycling when he was 48