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Delco Angelov, born on 7th of December, 1952 in Gorobinci, small village near Sveti Nikole, Macedonia, is a marathon cyclist with a unique talent and excellent determination. Delco's story of cycling began in Delco Angelov1998 when Delco decided to lose his extra body weight, which at that time was giving him severe health problems, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. He weighed around 100 kg (220.5 lbs). At first, he could cycle no more than one or two kilometers per day, but his persistence allowed him to continue cycling outdoors during spring and summer, and indoors, using a static bike, during the winter. The results were immediate. Delco’s body weight visibly reduced, and his health condition improved dramatically.

After cycling for two years and being involved in couple races, in the year 2000, Delco felt confident to cycle his first long-distance marathon, from his present home in Tafers, Switzerland, to his native city Sveti Nikole in Macedonia. The distance was 2,140 km, and Delco cycled it in only 7 days. This marathon afterwards becomes Delco's tradition, and he repeated it every year, naming it "The tour back to the house".

Four years later, by the time when Delco was 52 years old and his body weight had reduced by half, he decided to cycle his first extreme marathon, “Delco Angelov's Tour d'Europe 2004" in which he managed to cycle an amazing 10,095 km in 37 days. The route of the marathon took him around 14 different European countries and this marathon also became a new world cycling record in recreational marathon cycling. During this marathon Delco was on the road accompanied only by his bicycle, and two little bags on it for company. Supported just by his family and closest friends, his cycling clubs in Switzerland and Macedonia, and sponsored by MAHU, Delco faced a huge challenge that he eventually accomplished thanks to his confidence and determination. He defied logic and stated upon completion in an interview for the Macedonian national television A1:

"Many people didn't believe that I was able to handle such a huge distance, but I was convinced that I have abilities and a high-quality preparation that lasted for 6 months. At the end - I succeed!"

During his cycling career, Delco Angelov has shown athletic abilities that have amazed many people. With his good timings on the races and the marathons, Delco has proved to be an incredible athlete, and therefore an inspiration for thousands of young cyclists. Especially with the extreme marathons in 2004 and 2007, Delco Angelov has left a lot of people speechless and has proved that impossible is nothing and that everything can be achieved in life if a person believes in himself.

Delco's house in Tafers |Delco's backyard in Tafers, CH |Delco and his wife on the Alps, Switzerland

Delco, now living and working as a assistant in a kitchen in local hospital in Tafers, Switzerland, is a man respected and known by everybody, primarily because of his unbelievable personality and because of the results that he has shown in cycling, and ultimately because of the twist that he has taken his destiny and his life into. Delco is a man with esteem for life and humanity. He is willing to help everybody he can, especially the kids that have the motivation to start cycling but are unable to do so because of the adverse conditions they endure. He has donated over 100 bicycles to cycling clubs in Switzerland and Macedonia, allowing children to embark on their own cycling careers and giving them hope through his exceptional achievements.

As a result of his personal donations and endless efforts to start and formalize a campaign, Delco has helped numerous children in avoiding drugs and alcohol and instilling in them an enduring love for cycling. Delco Angelov has become an honorary member of several cycling clubs and organizations, and has received many official Thank You notes from them. Even more important than this is the fact that he has received and continues receiving many touching compliments from his devoted fans. In the spring of 2006 and 2007, the Macedonian Cycling Federation organized a cycling event in Macedonia which was held in Gorobinci, Delco's birthplace, and which was dedicated to and sponsored by Delco Angelov and his family.

The race in Gorobinci, 2006 |Part of the race Gorobinci 2006| Part of the race Gorobinci 2007

On 17th of May, 2007, the 54 year-old Delco Angelov started his new, this time better organized extreme marathon "Delco Angelov's Tour d'Europe 2007" which took him 50 days to finish, cycling a final route of 13,609 km throughout 26 European countries. During this marathon Delco concentrated on promoting Macedonia, the campaign "Invest in Macedonia" and one of his major goals was to encourage the youth to leave drugs and alcohol and concentrate on sports and their health. With this marathon Delco broke his old record from 2004 and created a new world record in recreational marathon cycling, but most importantly thanks to his team he increased the media attention on his achievements, leading more people to get to know his life story and get encouraged by it. This marathon and the great story of Delco was also captured in a video documentary by the Macedonian national television, MRTV, presented to the Macedonian public in October, 2007.

Although almost 55 years old, Delco is still not giving up on his adventures and is announcing new, even more exciting extreme marathons in which he is going to contribute in his own style to the world, concentrating especially on the youth and leading them towards the right way.